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Since 1999 we have been broadcasting the DUB:fuse show in one form or another making it one of the longest running web radio shows in Canada.

In it's current form we're on a monthly schedule. Bringing you a fresh mix - from classic dub to new house & techno tracks - good music that moves us and our audience.

Have a listen to what we are about on the archive page.

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To listen you can visit this site and check the archives, or perhaps easier just subscribe to the DUB:fuse podcast using iTunes (or similar), and you'll get the latest shows automatically downloaded to your computer. We're also on Mixcloud if you like to listen there.

or subscribe with the direct feed (non iTunes users).

DUB:fuse is on indefinite hiatus. The archives and iTunes link will remain online. Thank you to everyone for the support over the years. Will it ever return... who knows, subscribe to the podcast and maybe one day you'll get a nice surprise.

Past shows are on the archive page.


Attn artists and labels: If you wish to have your release considered for review or added to the radio show playlist, please get in touch.

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What's good?

As it turns out - a lot. There are a lot of interesting items - both on the internet and in the real world. As we find them, we like to share - whether it is related to music, food, design, or just something really odd and unclassifable. Enjoy.